Our Vision

Look around. What do you see? The landscape – the iconic backdrop of the city, the familiar skyline of your town, the purpose of an industrial park, the security of border crossings or Police stations, the bright lights and bustle of retail, the luxury of hotels or fun of leisure centres, the anonymity and resilience of economy-critical data centres, the serenity or drama of the countryside, the railways, roads, airports or docks that link it all – and us – together, locally, nationally, internationally. 

McBains Cooper, and what we do, is everywhere you look – and many places you can’t see: invisible – but vital – infrastructure, environmentally-positive technology, smooth operation of a vast range of projects and property. But, crucially, an attitude and approach whose very strongest trait is its invisibility.

We call it interdiscipline. We adopted and adapted the interdisciplinary approach many years ago, and paved its way to becoming the generic to which many in our profession aspire. You might define it as seamless and obsessive efficiency. It’s the difference between how a team and a bunch of individuals operates.

We are a close-knit and deeply-bonded band of professional property and construction consultants, influencing, driving and managing every aspect of a property’s life, from conception and feasibility to finished product, and beyond into facilities management and fine-tuning of efficiencies: design, architecture, planning, engineering, construction, project management, dispute resolution, sustainability.

We are everywhere.